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ISO 9001

Quality Control

Upholstered PAM has been certified by the ISO 9001 standard, which sets the requirements to deploy, maintain, audit, and certify a System of Quality Management based on this international standard.



We seek to improve the confidence and satisfaction of the client, in addition to creating a culture of pro-active prevention, improvement and environmental protection, which ensures the consistency of quality of our products.

That's why we improve our processes, year after year, in order to ensure that everything that leaves our factory is suitable to satisfy the client.

In addition, we are much more efficient, with fewer errors and greater optimization, reducing costs and saving cost to the company.



The quality management helps us to reduce the improvisation, because this tool allows you to carry a traceability of all processes of the company, in such a way that we can know at all times how to act in situations of normal, optimal or adverse.

This is the ethics of our company, and that is what we convey to our employees: process improvement, product quality, customer satisfaction, reduce waste, improve results and increase profits.


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