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Cleaning the sofa

With the passage of time, the sofa is dirty and is off of its tone.

With the passage of time, the sofa is dirty and is off the colour, wearing a worn look. The frequent use of this piece of furniture is a factor that causes it, but we also don't know how to clean it or what products are best to keep it as new.




It starts with cleaning the surface of the furniture with a vacuum cleaner, taking with her all the dust and the mites that are on it. If it is a large sofa and can not reach to all corners with the vacuum cleaner, you can have the help of a brush.

Once you have removed all the dust, he begins to clean it with a little bit of ammonia diluted in warm water. Wet a cloth in the mixture and rub it on all upholstery from top to bottom.


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When the furniture is completely dry you can check if you have any stain. In that case, you can use a clean stains conventional suitable for upholstery that you will find in the shops.



Most of our fabrics support machine wash. Consultation prior to getting to know the characteristics of your upholstery.

And keep your couch like new!

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