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Sustainable materials

In-Trimmed Peter A. Martinez we care about the environment, that's why we incorporate solutions that respect, thereby reducing pollution and using materials environmentally friendly.

Among the different tissues that we use, we have a range GREEN LINE that is made 100% from plastic bottles and recycled, thus creating a fabric high-quality, sustainable that cares for and protects our planet.


To achieve this, the bottles are collected, sterilized, dried, and classified according to the color of the plastic to then be crushed into small chips. The chips are heated and passed through a die to form strings of thread, which are wound on spools. And the fiber is passed through a machine crimp to create a fluffy texture, which is dyed and woven.

The resulting cloth is very durable, flexible and waterproof. In addition, the colour combinations will not leave you indifferent and will bring a natural air to your home.


These fabrics can be washed in the washing machine up to 30 degrees and can also be washed in the dry.

They are a good choice for the growing respect for the environment and our future. At their turn, contributes to the reduction of plastic packaging, it produces 75% less emissions of CO2, its manufacture does not require extraction of new oil and in addition, we encourage the new flows of recycled materials.


Question for our range GREEN LINE.

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