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Tissue Petfriendly

In Upholstered PAM we have tissues, anti-spot and special for pets.

There are things that can not be avoided, our pets leave hair everywhere and sometimes even make you pee-pee on the sofa or the scratch.


The fabric anti-spot is usually made of materials resistant to liquids, such as teflon, polyester or nylon, which prevents liquids from being absorbed into the fabric and cause stains difficult to remove. The cloth anti-scratch, on the other hand, is made of materials that are more resistant, which helps to prevent scratches and the marks of the claws of pets.

When you choose a sofa upholstered with fabric anti-stain and anti-scratch special pet, be sure to check that the fabric is water-resistant and easy to clean, which will facilitate the cleaning of the dirt and fur of your pets.


We guarantee the quality and durability of the upholstery on the couches of your home. Find the balance between the aesthetic and the practical.


Question for our range of PET-FRIENDLY.

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