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Do you want to know the trends in holiday decoration 2021/22?

We will reveal the decorative styles that we like to ensure that your home conveys the joy, magic and christmas spirit for the holidays.

It is clear that the decoration of these days is completely subjective in terms of colors and quantity, but the majority of the objects that adorn our houses are the same placed in a personal way. In this year the main trend is a christmas organic and natural based on sustainability and respect for the environment. This season we're going to see natural elements that in addition to being original, you can make your own.

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Nature provides us with myriad of natural products (pinecones, branches, flowers, winter...) to make our own ornaments, as table centerpieces or even to put on our christmas tree. The elements in the wood perfectly blends in with them as well as the green colors and textiles own christmas. We can also add candles to decorate the table or any corner of the house.

The classic christmas decoration will always be bias, it is warm and cozy. The colors that we associate with this are the red, green and gold are perfectly combined with the natural elements that we've talked about before and will make it easy to decor so that it harmonises perfectly with the table, betting on a cutlery white and simple. In addition to all this we can add some details vintage home using old pieces that are perfectly combined with other styles. Ornaments that will never go out of fashion, and also reminds us of the best moments we spend with our families these days.

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So you know! Commitment to the development of your creativity and mix elements as you like without the need of spending a lot of money, you can even create your own decorations. (You can try to make you leave in the publi above)


Happy days!

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