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Already the summer is ended, and with it, the holidays, and plans outside the home... Arrives Septemberthe month of the start point. How fast time goes when you get older!

Now tap to return to the routine, to organize our days and set ourselves some goals. And between all of them is our home: changes in closet, remove things you no longer use, take off backpacks and books for back to school... and to change the decoration as spring and summer for a more autumnal.

The decoration it affects our mind, that's why we want to give you a few tips. This season takes the minimalism warm, fabrics velvet and colors or materials natural.


You can take advantage of to change the upholstery of armchairs or upholstery of the sofa, and choose a warmer color, such as brown, beige, earth, gray... sometimes you can just change the cushions of the sofa or the bed, and you'll see that it completely changes the atmosphere.

Furniture wood or natural fibers also are a safe bet. And the plants always provide a touch of fresh and natural to any corner of your home.


Another trend, as I mentioned before, is the velvet fabric, a tissue that is paving the way in the trend of decoration. That is why in Upholstered PAM bet by velvet fabrics in a bunch of colors for upholstered headboards or sofas.

The sidewalks also come stomping, since they will be great at the foot of the bed or in any area of our home. In addition, if we choose a upholstery of neutral color, it will be very easy to combine with the rest of furniture. It is a furniture very useful that gives you a touch of distinguished our stay. You can see all of our sidewalks on our website.

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