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Christmas ornaments

I started the christmas season in our company! Do you want to do with us? Continue reading our post

Do you want to know how to create your own christmas decorations? Here you have some tips to be able to decorate your home with a low budget and having a fun time with your family or friends. Leave some examples:

The advent wreath perfect for decorating your foyer and give a warm welcome to all who pass, or you visit these days. With a few branches, green leaves, and a few ballas artificial you will be able to make them.


The advent calendar we also have to highlight it and simply cut fabrics you'll find in the house you can make yourselves making sachets. In addition, you can fill with artificial flowers and will be an air freshener perfect.

With pieces of cloth, you can also make your own socks christmas cutting templates of sneakers every member of the house. This way, you will have a symbol suuuper christmas completely personal.

Adorns the wall in the living room, staircase, fireplace or any shelf, creating a garland with custom message. What you can do with streamers of tinsel and the colors that you like.

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Christmas cards custom whenever will you get a great smile who is sending it, it written in your own handwriting!

Make your own wrappers, paper craft that you can find in any stationery and add a personal touch with stickers, embellishments, ribbons....

And as it is a sweet touch! With cookie shapes for christmas. You can put them on gifts or also to offer them to those who pass by your home.


As you might have read, we love christmas and we want to take advantage of these dates so nice to be able to bring our ideas into your home, there are endless ways to enjoy them in the best of company! What I have found to be our crafts christmas? Do you dare to try to make them yourself?


¡¡Happy crafts christmas!!

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